Roadmap for the implementation of a quality management system

There are a number of things you need to do to set up a quality management system:
  1. Make a quality manual in which you describe every paragraph of the ISO 9001 standard. A brief explanation of the standard paragraphs can be found elsewhere on this site. The quality manual refers to procedures in which the standard requirements are covered in more detail. The quality manual describes the quality policy and measurable objectives.
  2. Make your procedures and work instructions. These describe how the different activities within your organization are controlled. Be aware not to describe the activities in too much detail. If the activities are performed by trained employees, the procedures and work instructions need fewer details.
  3. Train your management so that they know what they should do and what the standard requires from them. Make sure that training records are kept to allow you to demonstrate adequate training.
  4. Perform audits on your quality management system. Make sure that the auditor is adequately trained. You can also make use of external auditors.
  5. Check your work, record your errors, find ways to improve your processes. For this, you need a system for detecting and fixing problems. Collect data, analyze the data and implement measures to avoid recurrence.
  6. Top Management must assess the processes in your organization and provide the necessary people and resources to solve nonconformities and to prevent recurrence in order to improve the product or service.
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