Certified and now…. it is the challenge for your organization to continuously improve. This is a task of your organization's top management. But there is no objection getting external assistance. Reasons for getting external assistance can be:
  1. the lack of capacity to prepare, execute, and report improvement activities;
  2. the lack of trained and independent internal auditors, two clear requirements from the ISO 9001.
  3. The need for an external expert to critically review your processes. "What improvements are possible?", "Why is a procedure working in one department and not in another?", "Can it be more efficient?" are questions that can be answered by an objective internal audit.
I will be happy to help you to do perform these routine tasks for you. You can think of:
  1. planning, executing and reporting of internal audits
  2. organizing an annual management review
  3. follow-up on internal and external audit results
  4. act as a helpdesk for all your quality assurance related questions
 Feel free to contact me to find out what I can do for you.